1 noun
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cost1 S1 W1
1 [countable] the amount of money that you have to pay in order to buy, do, or produce somethingCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
pay the cost of something meet/bear the cost (of something) (=pay for something) cover the cost (of something) (=pay for all of something) the cost of doing something at a cost of $10/$100 etc high/low cost full/total cost extra/additional cost rising/escalating cost at no extra cost (to somebody) labour/transport/legal etc costs running/operating costs (=what it costs to organize an event or run a business)
cost of
the cost of accommodation
I offered to pay the cost of the taxi.
Insurance to cover the cost of a funeral is possible.
This doesn't include the cost of repairing the damage.
The new building's going up at a cost of $82 million.
low cost housing
the high cost of production
A cassette/radio is included at no extra cost.
The funds will just cover the museum's running costs.
cost of living


a) the money that you must regularly spend in order to run a business, a home, a car etc
reduce/cut costs
We have to cut costs in order to remain competitive.
At this rate we'll barely cover our costs (=make enough money to pay for the things we have bought).
the travel costs incurred in attending the meeting (=money you have to spend)
Because of the engine's efficiency the car has very low running costs (=the cost of owning and using a car or machine).
b) also court costsSCL the money that you must pay to lawyers etc if you are involved in a legal case in court, especially if you are found guilty:
Bellisario won the case and was awarded costs.
He was fined £1000 and ordered to pay costs of £2200.
3 [uncountable and countable] something that you lose, give away, damage etc in order to achieve something
at (a) cost to somebody
She had kept her promise to Christine, but at what cost to herself?
social/environmental etc cost
They need to weigh up the costs and benefits (=disadvantages and advantages) of regulation.
He's determined to win, whatever the cost (=no matter how much work, money, risk etc is needed).
We must avoid a scandal at all costs (=whatever happens).
4 [singular] especially American EnglishBBT the price that someone pays for something that they are going to sell [= cost price]
at cost
His uncle's a car dealer and let him buy the car at cost (=without making a profit).

know/find out/learn etc something to your cost

to realize something is true because you have had a very unpleasant experience:
Driving fast in wet conditions is dangerous, as my brother discovered to his cost!

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cost, costs, price, charge, fee, fare
Use cost to talk about paying for services and activities, rather than objects The total cost of the trip was under $500. I worked out the cost of the repairs. Your costs are the amount of money you have to spend in order to run a business or to do a particular activity The shop was not making enough money to cover its costs. Use price to mean the amount of money that you must pay for something in a place such as a shop or restaurant We are cutting all our prices (NOT costs) by 50% for one day only! We were shocked by the price of a cup of coffee in London. A charge is the amount you have to pay to have a particular service or use something For a small charge we will also make your hotel reservations. A fee is the amount you have to pay to enter or join something The gallery charges no entrance fee. The fee for membership is £25 per year. It is also the amount you have to pay for a professional service The lawyer explained her fees. A fare is the amount you have to pay to travel somewhere by bus, train, plane etc I need some money for my bus fare. His parents paid his fare to Sydney.

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