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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcostscosts[plural] a) SPEND MONEYthe money that you must regularly spend in order to run a business, a home, a car etcreduce/cut costs We have to cut costs in order to remain competitive. At this rate we’ll barely cover our costs (=make enough money to pay for the things we have bought). the travel costs incurred in attending the meeting (=money you have to spend) Because of the engine’s efficiency the car has very low running costs (=the cost of owning and using a car or machine). b) (also court costs)SCT the money that you must pay to lawyers etc if you are involved in a legal case in court, especially if you are found guilty Bellisario won the case and was awarded costs. He was fined £1,000 and ordered to pay costs of £2,200. cost
Examples from the Corpus
running costsHowever, governance structures differ in terms of their set-up and running costs.Even if the crèche is already built, running costs can be considerable.Some methods of treatment require plants that cost more than others. whereas some processes may have much lower running costs.Thus maintenance can make an important contribution to containing machine running costs as well as ensuring optimum machine availability.The corporation has prepared a detailed indication of running costs for the new hovercraft.Gas is slower-burning, resulting in reduced wear on principal engine components and reduced running costs.It will probably be used for capital funding rather than running costs.Here, the university provides premises for a social centre For the graduates; the Manpower Services Commission provides the running costs.
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