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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcottagercot‧tag‧er /ˈkɒtɪdʒə $ ˈkɑːtɪdʒər/ noun [countable]  a person in the past who lived in a cottage
Examples from the Corpus
cottagerWhether the passage is a direct reference to enclosure or, more probably, to disagreements among cottagers, is not certain.The county was characterised instead by numerous small farmers and cottagers.They set up the pageant in a village street, and not one cottager came out to greet them.Typically they were smallholders or cottagers, village craftsmen and superior servants.Butter and cheese were made on practically every farm and even the cottager killed and salted his own bacon.Many of the cottagers in the neighbourhood keep one or more of these quaint pets.Legislation may therefore have done relatively little to help tied cottagers or to improve low cost agricultural housing.In pastoral Suffolk fewer than half this class were dependent on wages, presumably younger men who were not yet cottagers.
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