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could/can/might easily

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcould/can/might easilycould/can/might easilyPOSSIBLEused to say that something is possible or is very likely to happen The first signs of the disease can easily be overlooked. Gambling can all too easily become an addiction (=used to say that something bad is very possible). easily
Examples from the Corpus
could/can/might easilyYoung minds can easily assimilate and embrace all kinds of musical styles.A single mutational step can easily be reversed.If you are writing on a complex topic a reader can easily become confused.Yet the world champion is so unpredictably gifted that one on-song display could easily enable her to sweep aside the opposition.Governments can easily guarantee their employees a job, without guaranteeing the job they currently hold.This was his hobby, sketching vertical monstrosities, though he might easily have been a spy.But a small error in the procedure could easily leave her inoperable, or at least changed beyond recognition.A high-resolution image, by contrast, could easily run as large as 15 million to 20 million bytes.
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