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councillorcoun‧cil‧lor British English, councilor American English /ˈkaʊnsə $ -ər/ ●●○ noun [countable]  PGOa member of a council Write to your local councillor to complain.Do not confuse with counsellor (=someone whose job is to help people talk about and deal with their problems).
Examples from the Corpus
councillorAs a councillor himself, the author would surely have drawn attention to such a reversal.The government was concerned that the administration of local services was being politically compromised by more assertive councillors.In close touch with the monarch, he was the best informed and most constantly attendant councillor.Trips abroad: County councillors have claimed £2,087 for trips abroad during the past year.He is a parish councillor, school governor and a member of Yorkshire Water Consultative Committee.It has been passed round the parish councillors for any information or comments.Not until they opened a sealed box in Virginia did they even learn who were to be their councillors.
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