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counsellingcoun‧sel‧ling British English, counseling American English /ˈkaʊnsəlɪŋ/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  MPADVISEadvice and support given by a counsellor to someone with problems, usually after talking to themgroup/bereavement/debt etc counselling a debt counselling servicecounselling for She’s been undergoing counseling for depression.
Examples from the Corpus
counsellingBut Penny's advice and counselling was to continue.This strategy would facilitate crucial improvements to preventative services such as family care centres and counselling facilities.Frequently, the support teacher becomes the source of all forms of support as the boundaries between education and counselling are blurred.Otherwise the key areas of debt counselling and clerical support can not continue adequately.An effective general practitioner must have counselling skills to elicit important diagnostic information and manage consultations appropriately.Particular attention is paid to ageism, and the part counselling can play in combating its effects.The college will provide counselling for students who have problems with alcohol or drugs.During the counselling sessions some of the young troopers in the East mentioned impotence as being chief among their difficulties.His thinking has affected modern approaches to therapy and to counselling and education.group/bereavement/debt etc counsellingBirmingham Midshires has launched a debt counselling service in the form of a practical guide for home owners.I have had counselling, bereavement counselling, psychotherapy, drug therapy, and hypnotherapy.Many bureaux are using word processors very efficiently, especially for debt counselling work.Otherwise the key areas of debt counselling and clerical support can not continue adequately.Courses on debt counselling followed together with requests for counselling courses to include bereavement and marriage guidance skills.They often provide a drop-in centre and sometimes they provide group counselling as well as a link to appropriate specialist health services.They were assigned to disulfiram alone, disulfiram with group counselling, group counselling alone, and routine sentencing.
From Longman Business Dictionarycounsellingcoun‧sel‧ling /ˈkaʊnsəlɪŋ/ British English, counseling American English noun [uncountable] the process of listening to someone who has a problem and giving them professional adviceAll staff who are made redundant receive free employment counselling.
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