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count the cost

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcount the costcount the costSUFFERto start having problems as a result of your earlier decisions or mistakes We’re now counting the cost of not taking out medical insurance. count
Examples from the Corpus
count the costThe school overspent on its budget last year, and now it's having to count the cost.Remember the New Testament warning, before you undertake a project, be sure to count the cost.As we wait at the station are we still counting the cost, and weighing consequences in the balance?I sat and began to count the cost in dirhams, then dollars, then pounds to the boy's father.But many Cotswold traders are now counting the cost of a lost weekend.Left: Sinead counts the cost of caring.We are now counting the cost of our earlier mistakes.So count the cost of the holocaust Stand up and fight For peace.Meanwhile residents of Ewyas Harold have been counting the cost of yesterdays flooding.We count the cost when we are deprived of activities and things we enjoy.
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