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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcounterattackcoun‧ter‧at‧tack /ˈkaʊntərəˌtæk/ noun [countable]  ATTACKan attack you make against someone who has attacked you, in a war, sport, or argumentcounterattack verb [intransitive, transitive]
Examples from the Corpus
counterattackBut this week, the president embarked on a counterattack, using one of the guerrillas' favorite weapons: the media.This will spark rounds of attack and counterattack ads.Soft money helped pay for the contract and its follow-through, just as it helped finance the Democratic counterattack.His father's famous counterattack in the Daily Mirror sounds like the machine-gun rattle of an old-fashioned typewriter.Chavez unleashed a furious counterattack on his attacker.And Lisbie knew Fiona wasn't going to let this one pass without a major counterattack.Scattered in pursuit, they provided perfect weak points for our counterattack.You turn away from the onslaught and, in so doing, remove all possibility of a strong, scoring counterattack.But I still have to applaud this counterattack against tobacco's smoky glamour.
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