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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcountervailingcoun‧ter‧vail‧ing /ˌkaʊntəˈveɪlɪŋ◂ $ -ər-/ adjective formal  OPPOSITE/REVERSEwith an equally strong but opposite effect
Examples from the Corpus
countervailingBut such benefits as we may find here and elsewhere entail countervailing disadvantages.Time has often become a countervailing force against quality.But the liberalising trends are not blind moves towards laissez-faire, but the product of many countervailing forces in the local society.Some companies in the industry are in trouble, but there are countervailing forces that will help others survive.However, there are countervailing forces which might result in a lower volume of services.It was this last, clearly tyrannical, action which stirred Anselm to take the only countervailing measure open to him.The issue of countervailing measures was a particular point at issue during discussions.However, there are countervailing pressures.
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