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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcountlesscount‧less /ˈkaʊntləs/ ●●○ adjective [usually before noun]  LOT/LARGE NUMBER OR AMOUNTtoo many to be counted a famous film clip which has been shown countless timessee thesaurus at many
Examples from the Corpus
countlessEvery year, countless agonising deaths occur through the pollution of rivers from factories or oil spillages at sea.At length he returned to the boarded-up shell which had been his family seat for countless generations.There also are countless hiking trails near the lake and in the surrounding mountains.We had to peel back countless layers of paint and wallpaper.Travel agents can help with arrangements and suggest countless more.Since then Savas has studied other services and reviewed countless other studies.As soon as the ideator's feet hit the floor in the morning, he or she starts to generate countless possibilities.An old rocking horse beside the window has given countless rides to the Pages' children and five grandchildren.Thousands of mental states, endless varieties of love, and countless supernormal powers are dramatized in the lives of the saints.countless timesHe was the mightiest warrior of his age, and he led the terrifying Unberogens into battle against the Orcs countless times.The celestial bodies than proceed to pass through the same series of configurations as they had done countless times before.He'd wondered countless times, ever since that first call it had played on his mind.I have observed this countless times in a number of beetle groups.Kathleen had warned her countless times in the past, but this time she had had enough.This view has been expressed countless times in the past four centuries.So, countless times she gave up her own food when an unexpected guest arrived at dinnertime.This mental dimorphism was remarked upon countless times throughout RajasthanRabari women were clever, shrewd, outspoken and wise.
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