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country/farming etc folk

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcountry/farming etc folkcountry/farming etc folk[plural] (also country etc folks American English) literaryALPERSON/PEOPLE people who live in a particular area or do a particular kind of work simple country folk folk
Examples from the Corpus
country/farming etc folkThe big occasion for country folk was the A&P Show.Its country folk are very much at one with the land.The customers were mostly farming folk, a hardworking and hard-drinking set of locals who, in general, were convivial and congenial.The difference is essentially one of the spirit and it manifests itself in the habits and attitudes of country folk.Sadly, country folk have caught on.Umbria is a wonderful region where life is simple and the people are unpretentious country folk.Louisa's parents were country folk and believed very much in herbal remedies.
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