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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcountrymancoun‧try‧man /ˈkʌntrimən/ noun (plural countrymen /-mən/) [countable]  1 somebody’s countryman2 COUNTRYSIDE British English a man who lives in the country rather than in a town or city
Examples from the Corpus
countrymanHe didn't look like a farmer, yet he looked a countryman.For generations the Sandovals, like millions of their fellow countrymen, had suffered from grinding poverty and deprivation.Either Mrs David has had an enormous impact on her countrymen or a major paradigm shift has occurred.President Pascal-Trouillot went on national television to urge her countrymen to vote.But his countrymen did not treat his illness as a joke.My countrymen haven't learned to cherish the old, we are too quick to tear old buildings down.It seems fair to assume that she will attract the attention of a goodly number of our countrymen.It dropped beyond Strath Bunker, once the haven of his storm-tossed countrymen, but speared the accompanying Hill Bunker.
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