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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcountrysidecoun‧try‧side /ˈkʌntrisaɪd/ ●●● S3 W3 noun [uncountable]  COUNTRYSIDEland that is outside cities and towns syn the country The house had lovely views over open countryside.in the countryside people who live in the countrysidesee thesaurus at countryCOLLOCATIONSadjectivesbeautiful/stunningThe countryside between the Alpine villages is stunning.open countryside (=with few buildings, walls, trees etc)The farmhouse has views over open countryside.the surrounding countrysideBoth the town and the surrounding countryside are worth exploring.rolling countryside (=with hills)a valley surrounded by rolling countrysidegreen countrysideOur train was passing through rolling green countryside.unspoilt countryside (=not changed or not having a lot of new buildings)This area is ideal for a weekend break in unspoilt countryside.rugged countryside (=rough and uneven)Uzbekistan is an area known for its rugged countryside and tough people.verbsprotect/conserve the countryside (=stop people building on it or spoiling its beauty)How can we protect the countryside for future generations?spoil/ruin the countrysideToo many tourists can spoil the countryside.
THESAURUScountryside noun [uncountable] an area away from towns and cities, where there are fields, forests etc – used especially when talking about the natural beauty of this kind of areaThe walk takes you through some beautiful countryside.The countryside changes in winter.the country noun [singular] the area away from towns and cities, where there are fields, forests etcTired of city life, they moved to the country.I've always wanted to live in the country.landscape noun [countable usually singular] a large area of countryside that you see from somewhereThe house looks out over a peaceful rural landscape.Adams is famous for his photographs of the American landscape.scenery noun [uncountable] the natural features of part of a country, such as mountains, forests etc, especially when these are attractiveNew Zealand has some spectacular scenery.wilderness noun [countable, uncountable] a large area of land that has never been developed or farmedYukon is a vast wilderness of mountains, lakes, and forests. the bush noun [singular] wild country that has not been cleared, especially in Australia or AfricaThe camp is popular with tourists wishing to experience the African bush.rural adjective relating to the countryPeople are moving away from rural areas.rural communities
Examples from the Corpus
countrysideSomerset is famous for its rolling hills and beautiful countryside.We marveled at the peacefulness of the Carolina countryside.Stephenson drew huge, rabid crowds on his barnstorming tours of the Indiana countryside.The Provencal countryside provided the inspiration for many artists.The conclusion would seem to be that the early Anglo-Saxon countryside was not run as efficiently as in the following centuries.All the surrounding countryside, scorched by the intense heat, is now in flames.You only have to look at the countryside to understand why.Many had the means to purchase a dacha in the countryside.He is planning another trip into the countryside to demonstrate his solar cells as well as a new solar cooker.She went to an expensive girls school situated deep in the heart of the countryside.There is no identity to the countryside.The countryside south of Tabor is mainly cereal-growing, dotted here and there with little lakes.The countryside of Tuscany is a wonderful landscape of fields and valleys, with many historic monuments.in the countrysideHis work typically consists of some form of activity in the countryside, which is then recorded by a photograph or map.I assumed things had to be better in the countryside than in the city.Yet there were changes in the countryside.We also promote recreational cycling in the countryside.The earlier situation lingered longest in the countryside.There is certainly very little archaeological evidence of any serious destruction of property in the countryside at this time.The Neptune is situated in the countryside about 6-7 minutes walk from the lake, near to the Hotel Form.Matchmakers were still at work in the countryside.
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