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couplingcoup‧ling /ˈkʌplɪŋ/ noun [countable]  1 TTsomething that connects two things together, especially two vehicles2 when two things are joined or connected syn combination an attractive coupling of two Slavonic Dances3 formalSYSEX/HAVE SEX WITH an act of having sex
Examples from the Corpus
couplingA fundamentally different analytical method is to use the concept of bibliographical coupling to construct clusters of co-citing journals.In his couplings Tom was always the active, never the passive, partner.He has also hit on one of the more interesting couplings for the ubiquitous B minor Sonata.In exactly the same way, an atom such as a halogen atom in a covalent molecule can show spin-orbit coupling.In molecules with unpaired valence electrons, spin-spin coupling between valence and core electrons leads to further small splittings.Rubber O-rings inside the couplings insulate their surfaces from the metal transfer pipe, he said.the coupling on the rear of the tractorThe couplings between members of an ecosystem are far more flexible and transient than the couplings between members of an organism.Transformer coupling of the source and/or detector to the Wheatstone network is often adopted to match impedance levels or for isolation purposes.
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