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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcourageouscou‧ra‧geous /kəˈreɪdʒəs/ ●○○ adjective  BRAVEbrave He was wrong, and courageous enough to admit it. a courageous decisionsee thesaurus at bravecourageously adverbRegisterIn everyday English, people usually say brave rather than courageous:It was brave of you to tell him what you thought.
Examples from the Corpus
courageousParker said the judge's decision was courageous.Between 1868 and 1874 Gladstone pursued a courageous and energetic campaign which reformed the State.Some of these experiments were heart-felt and courageous attempts to find a new way.Later still, in a Medieval bestiary, three courageous birds are shown in the act of attacking an owl's head.But for the actions of a few courageous individuals, we might all have died.King was a courageous leader who confronted the racist attitudes of his time.He is aided by the courageous local newspaper editor and a retired missionary woman.I presented the Amway plan to a young sailor who was a member of the tough and courageous Navy Seals.Few will forget her courageous stand against inequality and injustice.They are courageous, strong, quick and agile.After a courageous struggle against cancer, Garcia died at the age of thirty.
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