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courseworkcourse‧work /ˈkɔːswɜːk $ ˈkɔːrswɜːrk/ noun [uncountable]  work students do during a course of study rather than in examinations, and that forms part of their final mark
Examples from the Corpus
courseworkThis usually comprises coursework on the basis of a formal curriculum consisting of lectures and practical work.Half of the marks are for the exam, and half are for coursework.Having finished with his coursework that spring, he was only scheduled for thesis hours in the fall anyway.The diploma requires 30 hours of coursework.Even our expectations and standards of coursework for many college-bound students remain shockingly low.The union affirmed its opposition to 100 percent coursework and support for a 20 to 70 percent limit.In education all Stage I modules are assessed 60 percent coursework, 40 percent seen examination.At the cut-off time for the coursework an electronic drawbridge goes up: students are no longer allowed to write to their directories.None of the coursework seemed to have much relevance to being a nurse in a busy hospital.I'm just so behind on the coursework.Even if students submit their coursework electronically, it is not necessary for the marker to return his comments electronically.
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