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court of law

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court of lawˌcourt of ˈlaw (also law court) noun (plural courts of law) [countable]  SCTa place where law cases are judged syn court
Examples from the Corpus
court of lawThese contexts would include a formal job Interview, meeting an important person, and standing before a court of law.You're not in a court of law.Managing directors and union officers are powerful within their own organizations, but far less powerful in a court of law.He dreamed that he stood in a court of law, charged with some wrongdoing and sentenced to make reparations.Now Lord Lane has used the forum of a court of law in order to make his contribution to this political debate.A court of law will handle this.
From Longman Business Dictionarycourt of lawˌcourt of ˈlaw (also law court) noun [countable]LAW a place where law cases are judgedWhen a doctor is proved to have lied in a court of law, it is a matter of the utmost seriousness.
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