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court order

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court orderˌcourt ˈorder noun [countable]  SCLan order or decision made by a law court His computer was seized under a court order.
Examples from the Corpus
court orderCreditors have applied for a court order to take over and sell the building.According to reports in the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Marino said a court order to stop the procedure may be sought.Their intent is to seek a court order to stop the tax collection.In 1983, Mrs Victoria Gillick sought a court order to rule the latter order of priorities illegal.She's under a court order to stay at least 500 yards away from her ex-husband.Now they're faced with a court order that could force them to leave within 28 days.But Dagenham council won a court order to make the hut safe after it sagged in the rain.Her parents obtained their second court order.
From Longman Business Dictionarycourt orderˌcourt ˈorder [countable]LAW an order from a court of law, telling someone to do something or to act in a particular wayThe owners of the building said they would seek a court order to evict the squatters. order
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