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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcourtlycourt‧ly /ˈkɔːtli $ ˈkɔːrtli/ adjective  POLITEgraceful and polite a tall man with courtly mannerscourtliness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
courtlyIt is such an elegant tongue, the language of flowers: supple, courtly and precise.Another important instance of courtly behaviour is when the hero has to lead the heroine into the dance.Every now and then a dad would swagger in and talk to her with reverence but also with a certain courtly gaiety.The message is clear and concise and displays no verbosity that one would expect to find in more courtly love scenes.He was courtly or proper, and very precise in his words and thinking.A more elegant and courtly preparation was quail in aspic, often served with foie gras or truMes.A lofty and spacious carriage, the G slips from rough country into a more courtly role as if to the manner born.a courtly, soft-spoken manWilli made his way over to Madge Grimsilk, coughed, hesitated, then bowed in a very old-fashioned and courtly way.
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