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courtyardcourt‧yard /ˈkɔːtjɑːd $ ˈkɔːrtjɑːrd/ ●○○ noun [countable]  TBan open space that is completely or partly surrounded by buildings the castle courtyard
Examples from the Corpus
courtyardThey walked through the barbican of the Rorim into the cobbled courtyard beyond.Our hotel room faced out on to a lovely courtyard.And on the evening of December 9, there is jazz in the museum courtyard.Thus, their solicitor drew up a document detailing joint responsibility for communal maintenance of roofs, courtyards and external paintwork.The Glen-Gery New York offices are in a nineteenth-century brick house, overlooking a tree-shaded courtyard.She heads across the courtyard towards casita 6.The scene in the courtyard was one of utter devastation.Suddenly patches of pink sandstone were again visible in the courtyard.In the courtyard is the Madonna of the Mouse, so called because of the mouse sitting on the shoulder of the baby.
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