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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcoverletcov‧er‧let /ˈkʌvəlɪt $ -vər-/ noun [countable] old-fashioned  DFa cloth cover for a bed syn bedspread
Examples from the Corpus
coverletShe found him sitting up in bed, a score of his medical texts and notes scattered across the heavy coverlet.So, rising, Sammler smoothed back the bedding, the coverlet.Compromising, Theda found a piece of old blanket to place on the coverlet so that his hairs might not spread everywhere.She lay on the bed and pulled the coverlet up over herself and the golden Satan shone behind her closed eyes.Jacqueline opens it, then searches under the coverlet until she finds the object.Whenever I leave the whole thing under the coverlet she immediately searches for the box and brings out the lamb.He scooped out a hollow and lying down piled the leaves over him like a thick coverlet.A small neat iron bed with a shabby well-washed coverlet had one lumpy pillow and sheets which were hard to the touch.
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