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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcovertcov‧ert1 /ˈkʌvət, ˈkəʊvɜːt $ ˈkoʊvərt/ adjective  SECRETsecret or hidden opp overt covert operationssee thesaurus at secret
Examples from the Corpus
covertUsually it is covert and can only be diagnosed by specifically measuring blood lipids.The chief investigator resigned, amid allegations of covert and probably illegal operations.A covert investigation was conducted to catch the drug-smuggling ring.But the media are not Rasputin with a covert or overt political agenda.Controlled studies to date of the effectiveness of covert sensitization offer mixed results.Because of the substantial practical advantages, the bulk of this chapter will be devoted to covert sensitization.In my own research, some covert use was made of a micro-recorder and tapes were later transcribed.The abuse of residents in the home was confirmed by covert video surveillance.
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covertcovert2 noun [countable]  HBPa group of thick bushes where animals can hide
Examples from the Corpus
covertRed of juvenile, both on crown and under tail coverts, is rather pale.White eyestripe and under tail coverts.Like a miniature short-billed Water Rail, with unspotted underparts, barred under tail coverts and green bill.Lack of red on under tail coverts distinguishes from all other black and white woodpeckers, except Three-toed.The only waterfowl with both red forehead and habit of constantly flirting white under tail coverts.Plumage grey-brown, darker on underparts, with white under tail coverts.He was helped by Athena to drive them out of their coverts, and as they flew up he shot them.
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