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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcowardicecow‧ard‧ice /ˈkaʊədɪs $ -ər-/ (also cowardliness /ˈkaʊədlinəs $ -ərd-/) noun [uncountable]  BRAVElack of courage opp bravery cowardice in the face of danger
Examples from the Corpus
cowardiceHer family would be appalled at her cowardice.The thin man complained and continued to argue but no-one took notice but Michael, who growled tersely at his cowardice.I guess I have avoided it like the plague, without much wanting to admit my cowardice.It would be an act of cowardice to avoid the debate.His meditations are interrupted by two figures from his past, who remind him of separate acts of cowardice and inhumanity.In fact, Roy disdains the cowardice of anyone who plays the easier shot.
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