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cowlingcow‧ling /ˈkaʊlɪŋ/ noun [countable]  TTAa metal cover for an aircraft engine
Examples from the Corpus
cowlingFibreglass wheel pants were moulded and fitted to the landing gears and fake cowl flaps were attached to a re-worked AT-6 cowling.Piloted by its builder, the Flea flew successfully and featured a cowling underneath the engine - perhaps a unique modification.Nothing spectacular, until you open the large, beautifully-shaped composite cowlings to inspect the engine.John found a torch and shone it at the engine cowling.This fully-restored cowling was destined for use on the Tempest IIs that Autokraft are restoring.It was whistling slightly, as some part hidden in the cowlings cooled down.Finally there was just the fitting of the cowlings for the last time.Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of this cowling is asked to contact: Geoff Rodwell, .
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