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coxcox /kɒks $ kɑːks/ noun [countable]  TTWsomeone who controls the direction of a rowing boat, especially in racescox verb [transitive]
Examples from the Corpus
coxWhen you hear the moan of the rowlocks, do you urge him on like a cox?Both coxes were warned again at the Crab Tree, where Cambridge began to show in front.Cambridge cox sinking the boat before the race had started.At the end, beneath a couple of mature coxes, was an iron table and stout wooden chairs.The battle of brawn ... and the clash of the coxes.Voice over Crucial to both crews' chances is the performance of the coxes.A different pleasure was afforded when the cox was female.Moynihan had been in his time a University cox and a flyweight boxing blue, and barely came up to her elbow.
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