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CPUCPU /ˌsiː piː ˈjuː/ noun [countable] technical  TD (central processing unit) the part of a computer that controls what it does
Examples from the Corpus
CPUMeanwhile, Intel's plans for the 80860 CPU family remain clouded.The use of such systems involves high costs for telecommunications, database royalties and CPU time.They differ from pen-based computers in that the handwriting will not have to be translated or recognised by CPU.Nimbus customers will go to SunSoft for an operating system and could go direct to the semiconductor houses for CPU chips.Miller fully expects Solaris 2.0 to appear on other CPU architectures in future, courtesy of third parties.Tolerance says a four board configuration based upon Intel's P5 CPU will be launched in the first quarter of 1993.The recommended CPU speed is P-166 and this is probably where it belongs.It is not dependent on the operating system, the faster the CPU, the faster the data acquisition.
From Longman Business DictionaryCPUCPUCOMPUTING abbreviation for CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT

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