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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcrackedcracked /krækt/ adjective  1 BREAKsomething that is cracked has one or more lines on the surface because it is damaged but not completely broken The mirror was cracked and dirty. dry cracked lips He escaped with a cracked rib and bruising.2 EMOTIONALsomeone’s voice that is cracked sounds rough and uncontrolled3 [not before noun] informalMICRAZY slightly crazy4 cracked software has been changed by a user, for example so that they can continue to use it after a particular date or so that it can be used without a licence
Examples from the Corpus
crackedThe tiles were old and cracked.Throw that jug away. It's cracked.Tense, silent, on the chair by the table with its flower bowl and its dish of cracked apples.A north-west gale had given us a good shaking up crossing from Peterhead to Wick resulting in a cracked cylinder head.A round table covered in cracked oilcloth stood bare of bowls, jugs, cups and saucers.That accident led to speed restrictions and disruption throughout Britain's rail network during an emergency program of replacing cracked rails.A cracked tile spoiled the look of the countertop.Look for moss growing on tiles, cracked tiles and damaged chimney stacks.A one million pound appeal has been launched to save Pershore Abbey's cracked walls from collapse.He's been driving around with a cracked windshield for months.
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