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crack‧er [countable]
1DF a hard dry type of bread in small flat shapes, that is often eaten with cheese
2 also Christmas crackerDL a decorated paper tube that makes a small exploding sound when you pull it apart. Crackers contain a small gift, a paper hat, and a joke, and are used at Christmas in Britain.
3DL a firecracker
4 British English spoken something that is very good or funny:
That was a cracker of a goal.
5TD someone who illegally breaks into a computer system in order to steal information or stop the system from working properly [= hacker]:
computer crackers
6 British English old-fashioned informal a very attractive woman
WORD FOCUS: computer WORD FOCUS: computer
people who work with computers: user, programmer, web designer, IT person, software engineer, (systems) analyst, administrator, webmaster, helpdesk, techie informal, geek disapproving informal

someone who tries to break into a computer system: hacker, cracker

things you do with your computer: start up/power up your computer
a file or document
click on
an icon
cut and paste
pieces of text
files or programs
scroll up and down
the page
things you do not want
files or pictures from the Internet
CDs or DVDs
a file or document
your work
shut down
your computer

computer problems: bug, virus, error, corrupted file/data, crash, worm

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