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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcraftycraft‧y /ˈkrɑːfti $ ˈkræf-/ ●○○ adjective (comparative craftier, superlative craftiest)  INTELLIGENTgood at getting what you want by clever planning and by secretly deceiving people syn cunning, sly He’s a crafty old devil.see thesaurus at intelligentcraftily adverbcraftiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
craftyThat will be when the crafty bit comes in.So they sent Odysseus, the master of crafty cunning, to get them by trickery.Crafty cyber-thieves have found that they can steal a lot of money in electronic bank thefts with very little risk.Jerry was crafty -- he got into the match free by crawling under the fence.Willis plays a crafty policeman fighting international terrorists.Although in his mid-eighties, he had only recently been written out of the curriculum by some crafty predecessor of mine.What happened next was tailor-made for the crafty Prost.It was a crafty question. "Why are you trying to catch me out?" he replied.Last week in Baltimore, the crafty Ravens came up with a no-huddle offense, which left the Raiders completely flummoxed.Jerry and Tony had worked out a crafty way of avoiding paying tax.
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