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cragcrag /kræɡ/ noun [countable]  SGa high and very steep rough rock or mass of rocks
Examples from the Corpus
cragThe alabaster face of Rogal Dorn branded his retinas: a crag of a face, with lush tough lips.Bleak heights are carpeted in radiant colors; every crack and crevice of a frowning crag blossoms.The blatant placing of a bolt in a Lakeland mountain crag produced considerable reaction throughout the rock climbing fraternity.The Cyclopes, too, were gigantic, towering up like mighty mountain crags and devastating in their power.Local tradition calls salty crags by the Dead Sea after her still.With wet clothes clinging to her back, she looked skeletal, her shoulder blades poking up like sharp crags.Massive slate crags rise above the river bank.Seasons: The crag faces west, is sited just above the sea and climbing is generally possible all year round.
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