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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcrampedcramped /kræmpt/ ●○○ adjective  1 SMALLa cramped room, building etc does not have enough space for the people in itcrowded The kitchen was small and cramped. a cramped apartment The troops slept in cramped conditions with up to 20 in a single room.see thesaurus at small2 (also cramped up)SMALL unable to move properly and feeling uncomfortable because there is not enough space cramped muscles3 WRITEwriting that is cramped is very small and difficult to read
Examples from the Corpus
crampedI couldn't sleep on the plane - it was too cramped.It was bare, cramped and impersonal.Conditions on board ship were extremely cramped and uncomfortable.I couldn't wait to move out of my cramped apartment.You rest your cramped arms for a moment and push again.It was hot, airless, badly lit, and generally had a cramped below-decks feel to it.The troops have to sleep in cramped conditions on the floor with up to 20 in a single room.The cramped dock area began to expand eastwards across the newly exposed terrain.I hated working in that cramped little office.cramped living conditionsFive workers were packed into a cramped office.They worked from cramped offices near the main station.I was becoming cramped on my branch but daren't move a muscle.By comparison with trying to sleep on the cramped seating of today's long-haul flights it was luxury indeed.We all felt stiff from having been cramped up in the back of the car for so long.cramped conditionsI see people in very cramped conditions.My place was not suitable, as I was living rather far out beyond Magdalen in more cramped conditions.Yet, there is a lesson to be learned from such cramped conditions of cultural creativity.The troops have to sleep in cramped conditions on the floor with up to 20 in a single room.Headteacher Terry Anderson said staff had been struggling in the cramped conditions since the school was opened in 1985.
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