Sense: 1-6
Date: 1800-1900
Origin: crap 'outside covering of grain, solid material from melted fat' (15-19 centuries), from Middle Dutch crappe 'piece torn off', from crappen 'to break off'
Sense: 7
Date: 1700-1800
Language: Louisiana French
Origin: French crabs, craps, from English crabs 'lowest throw in a dice game', from the plural of CRAB


1 noun
crap1 spoken not polite
1 [uncountable] something someone says that you think is completely wrong or untrue [= rubbish]:
You don't believe all that crap, do you?
load/pile of crap also bunch of crap American English
That's a bunch of crap! I never said that.
He came out with a load of crap about how he'd tried to call me yesterday.
Greg's full of crap (=often says things that are completely wrong).
cut the crap (=used to tell someone to stop saying things that are completely wrong)
Just cut the crap and tell me what really happened.
2 [uncountable] something that is very bad or is of bad quality [= rubbish]:
They sell a lot of stuff cheap, but most of it is crap.
load/pile of crap also bunch of crap American English
The game was a load of crap.
3 [uncountable] things that are useless or unimportant:
What is all this crap doing on my desk?
4 [uncountable] bad or unfair treatment
take/stand for/put up with crap (=to allow someone to treat you badly)
I'm not going to take any more of this crap!
I don't need this kind of crap (=used when you are angry about the way someone is behaving towards you).
I'm tired of you giving me crap (=saying bad things) about my long hair.
5 [uncountable] solid waste that is passed from your bowels
6 [singular] the act of passing solid waste from your bowels
take a crap also have a crap British English


[plural] American English a game played for money in the US, using two dice
shoot craps (=to play this game)

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