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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcravingcrav‧ing /ˈkreɪvɪŋ/ noun [countable]  MPWANTan extremely strong desire for somethinglongingcraving for She had a craving for some chocolate.
Examples from the Corpus
cravingThe symptoms include a craving for sweet foods.Such results may be explained by the hypothesis that serotonin is more responsible for regulating mood than for controlling alcohol cravings.They tossed away their diet books and tried instead to eat according to their bodies' own advice: hunger and cravings.It is one of those salads that could cause frenzied cravings.The reward circuits generate cravings that impel an animal toward such things as eating, drinking, and procreating.Clara found her craving for the bizarre and the involved richly satisfied.No morning sickness, no backache, no obscure cravings.This leads on to a dramatic low and a severe craving for another dose of the stuff.The result is that you feel full for longer and don't have the sweet cravings that can come with dieting.After a week without smoking, the craving began to disappear.craving forParents should try to control their kid's cravings for fat-laden junk food.
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