Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old Norse
Origin: krafla


1 verb
crawl1 [intransitive]
1HBH to move along on your hands and knees with your body close to the ground
crawl along/across etc
The baby crawled across the floor.
2HBI if an insect crawls, it moves using its legs
crawl over/up etc
There's a bug crawling up your leg.

crawl into/out of bed

to get into or out of bed slowly because you are very tired:
We crawled into bed at 2 am.
4TT if a vehicle crawls, it moves forward very slowly
crawl by/along etc
The traffic was crawling along.
5 British English informal to be too pleasant or helpful to someone in authority, especially because you want them to help you - used in order to show disapproval
crawl to
She's always crawling to the boss.

be crawling with something

to be completely covered with insects, people etc:
The floor was crawling with ants.
The whole place was crawling with cops.

crawl the Net/web

if a computer program crawls the Net, it quickly searches the Internet to find the particular information you need [↪ spider]:
robots that crawl the net searching out e-mail addresses for junk mailing

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