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crazedcrazed /kreɪzd/ adjective  MPCRAZYbehaving in a wild and uncontrolled way like someone who is mentally illcrazed with grief/pain/fear etc He was crazed with grief after the death of his mother. The old woman had a crazed expression on her face. a crazed killer
Examples from the Corpus
crazedShe stared in at Louisa like a crazed creature, silently beseeching help.She was once attacked by a crazed fan.A crazed killer plunged a knife into his eye as he waited on a crowded platform.How safe would she be in her own flat, if some crazed person was determined to hunt her down?There's Stansted Airport in Essex, whose massive tubular supports look like the work of a crazed plumber.I have seen this before, he thought, still with his mind in that crazed slow motion.An even more tragic fate befell many who, amid the crazed stampede, were able to get out of the fort.Flagellants are crazed wanderers obsessed with the doom of the world.There was something sad about Spring Mill now, with its crazed windows and its broken bricks, something a bit sinister.crazed with grief/pain/fear etcThe creature flings itself on the nearest character, crazed with pain and the desire to escape.
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