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crazycra‧zy1 /ˈkreɪzi/ ●●● S2 adjective (comparative crazier, superlative craziest)  1 STRANGEMPSTRANGEstrange very strange or not sensible syn mad The neighbours must think we’re crazy. It’s an absolutely crazy idea. I know this idea sounds crazy, but it may be worth a try.crazy to do something It’d be crazy to go out in this rain. I must have been crazy to agree to this. He often works 12 hours a day – it’s crazy.see thesaurus at stupid2 crazy about somebody/something3 angryANGRYANNOY angry or annoyed Turn that music down. It’s driving me crazy! (=really annoying me) Dad will go crazy when he hears about this.4 like crazy5 go crazy6 ILLMPMENTALLY ILLmentally ill mentally ill syn mad I feel so alone, sometimes I wonder if I’m going crazy.crazily adverbcraziness noun [uncountable]THESAURUScrazy very strange or not sensible – used about people, ideas, and behaviourPeople think I’m crazy when I start talking about ghosts.It was a crazy thing to do.mad British English crazyAre you mad?Whose mad idea was that?At first, everyone thought he was completely mad.nuts informal (also bonkers British English) [not before noun] crazyThe whole thing sounds completely nuts.Have you gone bonkers? loony informal crazyanother loony suggestionThe man is totally loony.insane completely crazyI know it sounds insane, but it’s true. see also mentally illGrammarCrazy is not used with ‘very’. You say: You’d be absolutely crazy to agree. Don’t say: You’d be very crazy to agree.
Examples from the Corpus
crazyThe farmers get more money from the government if they don't plant crops, and I think that's just crazy.You agreed to marry him? Are you crazy?Carmen told Murray, and Murray went crazy.Anybody who thinks they're a good team is crazy.I said I enjoyed doing exams, and she looked at me as if I was crazy!Put that gun down! Are you totally crazy?They probably thought I was crazy all along.Don Jose had gone crazy and been unable to finish this colossal project.Being wild, crazy and self-empowered became a theme of the group.I know I went crazy at first but I got better.Sounds a little crazy, but it was quite a relief at the time to be able to switch my miseries around.crazy drivers who cause accidentsWhose crazy idea was it to go camping in January?The farmers can make more money by not planting crops - it's crazy, isn't it?We're all grown up, but we still act like a couple of crazy kids.The biggest influence, believe it or not, was the Weatherman and crazy left-wing guerrilla spirit of the time.He spends most of the day in his room writing letters - crazy, mad letters no one understands.Ian's got some crazy plan to drive all the way across Africa.You see drivers do some crazy things.It's crazy to have an expensive, elaborate judicial system handling parking tickets and minor traffic violations.My dad told me I was crazy to leave my job.You're crazy to lend him all that money - you'll never get it back.You're crazy to think of hitch-hiking on your own.His friends thought he was crazy when he told them he was going to spend his entire vacation exploring a cave.crazy ideaThat very, very crazy idea.The Father General and the asteroid and the plane and all these people working on this crazy idea.It was a crazy idea, but it was all he had at the moment.If a bold conjecture is falsified, then all that is learnt is that yet another crazy idea has been proved wrong.Maybe she should postpone the whole crazy idea - or better still, drop it altogether.What a crazy idea, picnicking up a mountain at this time of year.driving ... crazyAnd it seemed he was intent on driving her crazy.It must be driving you crazy.One particular bird was driving me crazy.Something was needed to solve all the interface, translation, transformation, and interpretation problems that were driving application developers crazy.When I came home, I was driving my parents crazy.Getting through this evening would be hard enough in itself without driving herself crazy over deciding what to wear.Am I trying to tell you I believe this stuff was driving the machine crazy too?You're driving me crazy with wanting.going crazyI wondered if I was going crazy.Nobody else suspected that he was going crazy.You wonder if you are going crazy.The world was going crazy and, or so it seemed, Trumptonshire would have none of it.At work we were going crazy dealing with Christmas orders.The computer screen was still going crazy in front of them, but after a while it slowed down.They were going crazy, just like Buff.People said Bob Haddad was going crazy trying to please her.
crazycrazy2 noun (plural crazies) [countable] especially American English informal  CRAZYsomeone who is crazy
Examples from the Corpus
crazyTheir tactics smear environmentalists as extremist crazies.So is this really a new panacea or a just a passing craze for crazies.And every day more crazies who debate With phantom enemies on the street.Their characters tend to be losers or crazies.I wanted to encourage street crazies and the like to come and work for us.
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