1 adjective
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cra‧zy1 S3 W3 comparative crazier, superlative craziest


very strange or not sensible [= mad]:
The neighbours must think we're crazy.
It's an absolutely crazy idea.
I know this idea sounds crazy, but it may be worth a try.
crazy to do something
It'd be crazy to go out in this rain.
I must have been crazy to agree to this.
He often works 12 hours a day - it's crazy.

crazy about somebody/something

liking someone very much, or very interested in something:
He's crazy about her.
Dan's crazy about football.


angry or annoyed:
Turn that music down. It's driving me crazy (=really annoying me)!
Dad will go crazy when he hears about this.

like crazy

very much or very quickly:
We're going to have to work like crazy to get this finished on time.

go crazy

to do something too much, in a way that is not usual or sensible, especially because you are excited:
Don't go crazy and spend it all at once.

mentally ill

mentally ill [= mad]:
I feel so alone, sometimes I wonder if I'm going crazy.
crazily adverb
craziness noun [uncountable]

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