Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: Late Latin creatura, from Latin creare; CREATE


Related topics: Biology
crea‧ture W3 [countable]

living thing

anything that is living, such as an animal, fish, or insect, but not a plant:
all the living creatures in the sea
creatures of the deep (=animals and fish that live in the ocean)

imaginary or strange

an imaginary animal or person, or one that is very strange and frightening:
creatures from outer space

a creature of habit

someone who always does things in the same way or at the same time

something made or invented

formal something, especially something bad, that was made or invented by a particular person or organization
creature of
The poll tax was a creature of the Government.

somebody controlled by something

someone who is controlled or influenced a lot by something
creature of
He was a creature of the military government.

beautiful/stupid/adorable etc creature

literary someone who has a particular character or quality:
He was the most beautiful creature Dot had ever seen.

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