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credit account

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credit accountˈcredit acˌcount noun [countable]  BBTPAY FOR British English an account with a shop which allows you to take goods and pay for them later syn charge account American English
Examples from the Corpus
credit accountHe organized a sales ledger which offered a credit account to naval customers, and even encouraged payment by instalment.A credit account avoids errors and saves time.Fees are payable by cheque, postal order or through a Land Registry credit account.The appropriate fee should either accompany the application form, or will be debited to your firm's credit account where appropriate.The latter only applies to credit account holders.
From Longman Business Dictionarycredit accountˈcredit acˌcount British English written abbreviation C/A [countable] an arrangement with a shop that allows customers to buy goods up to a certain value every month and pay for them later within an agreed time SYN CHARGE ACCOUNT AmEMy parents had a credit account at the city’s major department store which they kept up to date every month. account
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