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credit somebody with (doing) something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcredit somebody with (doing) somethingcredit somebody with (doing) somethingGOOD POINT OR CHARACTERISTICto believe or admit that someone has a quality, or has done something good Do credit me with a little intelligence! Evans is credited with inventing the system. credit
Examples from the Corpus
credit somebody with (doing) somethingBut borrowers may be more attracted to egg's offer of free credit.The ultimate in objectivity is credit scoring.I just received my new in-store credit card with a charge of $ 24 for fraud insurance on the card.Revolving Credit: a credit facility with a pre-determined limit.Inherent musical sense Several recent studies have credited infants with an inherent musical sense, without measuring related brain development.Leiser credits Franz Liszt with bringing him to San Diego.She credited Mosby with spearheading the suit by convincing the other women to join.Such corporations also tend to maintain credit lines with their banks sufficient to repay all their outstanding commercial paper.
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