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creditorcred‧i‧tor /ˈkredɪtə $ -ər/ AWL noun [countable]  BFLOWEa person, bank, or company that you owe money to opp debtor
Examples from the Corpus
creditorAlso until such time as a creditor has lodged a proof of debt, he can not vote at meetings of creditors.And, for a deal to be reached, not all creditors necessarily need to be involved.He died owing his creditors over $20 million.When George inherited some money, the first thing he did was to pay his creditors.The failed company is currently in talks with its creditors.This section lists long-term debt owed to banks or other creditors and any obligations under capital leases.The judicial system now had to protect creditors instead of debtors.Quaker creditors showed great tolerance to those who were tardy in paying their bills.The business of lending money is like gambling-the creditors calculate the odds of the money being repaid.The UN warned creditors to ease Brazil's debt burden or see the country go bankrupt.Mr Kasyanov seems now to be playing for time, hoping to get through January without ferocious clashes with creditors.
From Longman Business Dictionarycreditorcred‧i‧tor /ˈkredətə-ər/ noun1[countable]ACCOUNTINGCOMMERCE a person or business to whom another person or business owes moneyThe company said its largest creditor is owed $22 million. bond creditor general creditor judgment creditor junior creditor ordinary creditor preferential creditor secured creditor senior creditor trade creditor unsecured creditor2creditors [plural]ACCOUNTING the money owed by a business to its suppliers and lenders, and the entry in the accounts showing thiscreditors falling due within one year
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