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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcredulouscred‧u‧lous /ˈkredjələs $ -dʒə-/ adjective formal  BELIEVEalways believing what you are told, and therefore easily deceived syn gullible Quinn charmed credulous investors out of millions of dollars.
Examples from the Corpus
credulousIt could be argued that the very incomprehensibility of the modern world has made us even more credulous.In such a situation, I suggest, faith becomes blind, belief becomes credulous and trust becomes misplaced.If he hadn't adored her he would have treated her as a credulous imbecile.Quinn charmed hundreds of credulous investors out of millions of dollars.But take care thou art not too credulous neither.It is easy to sneer at the credulous pilgrims.This poet regarded the joys of gods with bemused, unshockable, and endlessly credulous respect.I do not wish to suggest that New Historians are involved in some huge subversive critical enterprise duping credulous students.
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