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creekcreek /kriːk/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 SG American English, AusE a small narrow stream or river2 British EnglishSG a long narrow area of water that flows from the sea into the land3 be up the creek (without a paddle)
Examples from the Corpus
creekBut up one side, straight up this beautiful creek and past palm trees, was Nui Ba Den.Lagoons, creeks, islands, coves and deserted sandy beaches abound.He approached the creek, looking furtively for signs of some one else.A mosquito net was providentially suspended above the bed; the creek was certain to be thick with insects when night fell.A week later villagers found the corpse of his eldest daughter, 12, by the creek.He'd hit his ball into the creek and he was taking a drop.The movement around and beneath her was as dizzying as the fast current of the creek had been a moment before.
CreekCreek noun  1 the Creek2 [countable] a member of this tribe Native AmericanCreek adjective
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