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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcreepycreep‧y /ˈkriːpi/ ●○○ adjective informal  FRIGHTENEDmaking you feel nervous and slightly frightened There’s something creepy about the way he looks at me. The whole place feels creepy.see thesaurus at frightening
Examples from the Corpus
creepyThe family scenes in this movie are really creepy.The house looked OK from the outside but inside it was all dark and creepy.There's something creepy about the building.Amanda is nearly as creepy as her dad, Anthony.It was sort of creepy down there.I got a real creepy feeling on the way over there, as if someone was watching me.Sometimes I have the creepy feeling that you will never get your documents in order.She and Susan had rooms adjoining, so she had none of the creepy feelings one often gets in a strange house.This place is really creepy. Let's get out of here.It was a creepy spot with a strong pungent smell of garlic and there was always a feeling of tension and foreboding.But in a funny sort of a way, it was more creepy than the way I did it.
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