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creepy-crawlyˌcreepy-ˈcrawly noun (plural creepy-crawlies) [countable] informal  HBIan insect, especially one that you are frightened of
Examples from the Corpus
creepy-crawlyGuillermo del Toro, who previously directed a creepy-crawly little movie called Cronos, can accomodate you with Mimic.Some kind of Gerald Durrell character, is he, going round the world collecting creepy-crawlies?Since when did metal creepy-crawlies get kitted out with stereo systems?You'd have known so well that when you turn over a stone all kinds of creepy-crawlies come clambering out.Sylvia had started to hallucinate, seeing creepy-crawlies on her bed, and the houseman had to come and sort her out.
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