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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcrestfallencrest‧fal‧len /ˈkrestˌfɔːlən $ -ˌfɒːl-/ adjective  DISAPPOINTEDlooking disappointed and upset syn downcast He came back looking crestfallen.see thesaurus at disappointed
Examples from the Corpus
crestfallenShe ripped open the package but found nothing in it but shoes. She was crestfallen.He looked really wretched and crestfallen.More often than not he came back to his apartment empty-handed and crestfallen.The President made a rum effort at greeting her news with enthusiasm, but I could see he was crestfallen.Claude seemed crestfallen, and that was hard for me.Steve looked crestfallen as he returned from the mailbox empty-handed.Wasswa went off, with a crestfallen look, and I began my examination.He looked so crestfallen Preston felt sorry for him.He looked so crestfallen that Old Bulldog didn't know what to do for a minute.Stafford looked crestfallen when he was told about the layoffs.
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