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crevicecrev‧ice /ˈkrevɪs/ noun [countable]  SGa narrow crack in the surface of something, especially in rock small creatures that hide in crevices in the rock
Examples from the Corpus
creviceThe least sociable auk, breeding in very loose colonies, in crevices of cliffs and rocks.Fish tucked into crevices peer out, while crabs scavenge over the reef and probe soft corals for food.Maritime cliff Armeria maritima - Ligusticum scoticum maritime rock crevice community.Yellow flowers grow in the crevices of the limestone cliffs.The crevices at the sides of chairs provide an ideal refuge for fleas at all stages in their lifecycle.The crevices form natural images of great beauty.Underfoot, ice forms sharp peaks and treacherous crevices for slipping, tripping and twisting ankles.For the next billion years, it will keep trying new forms, erupting in whatever crevice or emptiness it can find.
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