Date: 1500-1600
Origin: crew 'additional soldiers, reinforcements' (15-16 centuries), from Old French creue 'increase', from creistre; CRESCENT


1 noun
crew1 S3 W3
1TTBO [countable] all the people who work on a ship or plane:
The plane crashed, killing two of the crew and four passengers.
crew of
He joined the crew of a large fishing boat.
2 [countable] a group of people working together with special skills:
a TV camera crew
ground crew
3 [singular] a group of people or friends - often used to show disapproval:
a motley crew of students
Do you still hang out with the same crew?
4DSO [countable] a team of people who compete in rowing races:
Who will be on the college crew?
5 [countable] informal a group of musicians, especially in garage music

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