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crewmancrew‧man /ˈkruːmən/ noun (plural crewmen /-mən/) [countable]  TTBOa member of the crew on a boat or ship
Examples from the Corpus
crewmanOne of the most recent victims to be found was Ignacio Camacho, 43, a crewman aboard the Iliana.Mr Glennie and crewman Rick Hellriegel wrote diaries during the trip.Glenn Jeffers was a helicopter crewman throughout 1968, one of the worst times to serve with a combat division.Reynolds served with a mechanized unit, but like many crewmen, he fought on the ground more than once.If one crewman is slain the other two can just about get by without reducing the rate of fire.One crewman attempted to red-flag the driver, who seemed oblivious to the caution signs.A third of services were to take off sick crewmen.However, if two crewmen are slain, the remaining crewman will be unable to maintain the normal rate of fire.
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