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Criminal Justice Bill, the

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishCriminal Justice Bill, thethe Criminal Justice BillˌCriminal ˈJustice ˌBill, the noun  a series of changes to British law in 1995, officially called the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act, which changed the law concerning a person's right to silence (=their right to say nothing when the police arrest them, or when they are on trial in a court of law), and also made the laws against squatting (squat = living in a building without the owner's permission) and trespassing (trespass = being on someone's land without their permission) much stricter. The more recent Criminal Justic Act 2003 allowed trials without juries (jury) in cases where there is a risk of jury-tampering. It also give the police increased powers to stop and search people.
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